Blog or Discuss?

If you are asking a question of your peers, remember to use the discussion groups (not blogs).  The blogging feature is a way for you to express your opinion on a given subject vs. asking a question of your peers.

If you are wanting to ask a question, start a discussion.

Security Settings

While discussions are limited to AVLS Members only, blogs can be more open. Under "Who can read your blog entry?" You have the following options:

  • Public: Anyone on the Internet can view this post
  • Authenticated: You must be logged into the MAC to view this post.
  • Members: Only AVLS Members logged into the MAC can view this post.
  • Selected Community: Only individuals in the community associated with the post can view the post.
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Warehousing facilities are important in any supply chain process, with organizations seeking efficiency, effectiveness, and optimal resource utilization. Efficient warehouses ensure accurate and quick shipments, vital for customer satisfaction. Warehouses must achieve efficiency in the supply chain and offer perspectives on existing and future challenges. Continued globalization in areas like environmental sustainability, reverse logistics, and information technology are responsibilities and the roles of warehouses. This post reveals how warehousing efficiency matters in a supply chain management system.  Saving time An efficient warehouse can use ...

Welcome to the MAC!

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We are glad you are here. The MAC is a place for AVLS members to gather, discuss different topics, and share resources to help each other improve. Here is a quick guide to the MAC to get you started: Subscription Options There are several options to keep you informed of various conversations happening: Real-Time : Community messages will be sent to your inbox as soon as they are posted. Daily Digest (default): Once a day, you will receive an email combining all of the posts made during the day. No Emails : You will not receive any email communications regarding posts to the community. However, you will still be able to log in online to view ...